L-200 Morava

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The Third Fly-in of Czechoslovakian Aircrafts

Saturday morning was dull, with huge banks of grey cumulus cloud cutting off the sun. But in the afternoon it cleared, and the evening turned to perfect summer weather, only with some isolated showers. I ate my breakfast in silence, and not much of it. Toast with jam doesn’t sit too well on excited stomach. Worrying about […]

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Pardubice 2015 Aero

The 25th Aviation Fair In Pardubice Was Hot!

I’m sunburned and exhausted but at the same time, I have a sore, warm and tender feeling of satisfaction in my heart that it was worth it.  The 25th Aviation Fair in Pardubice is over and it was more than just good. It was great! The program was great and big thanks thanks for the conception of the […]

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L-4 Grasshopper without logo

All Lined Up For Summer Season 2015

It’s my pleasure to hereby announce that after the winter of discontent, we are now all ready for the summer season 2015. Here at our little base in Czechland. And things has been progressing rather nicely. We just received a new ‘toy’, the Piper L-4 Grasshopper. In the fleet of our twins Aero-145 and L-200 Morava, such […]

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Sunset with Aero

The Show Must Go On

It’s early Saturday morning. Foggy patches are melting down with orange sunrise over the hills and I stand at the doors of hangar with cup of tea and Weetabix biscuit in my hand. It’s a complete silent, just a chilly morning wind blows. And I convince myself, how significant are these quiet moments of self-reflection. […]

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Birthday Flight With L-200 Morava

Position: LKSZ infront of hangar Equipment: L-200 Morava Pax-on-Board: 0 Before start up … Today is my birthday. At last my mum told me. She also said it was cold winter morning 25 years ago and they drove to the hospital with Trabant (East German fun car). I think about how old I am for […]

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