Air Smolik on B737 Sim

May the dreams defy the laws of gravity

Last few weeks have been for me just like the lyrics of the song Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel. My girlfriend, which I loved so much, recently broke up with me. And as I’ve been regreting the lost, I also got robbed in the night club. One can say pretty Troubled Water. And than […]

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First Flying with Aero 145 After The Winter

Position: LKKB Altitude: 2,000 feet Groundspeed: 155 mph (134 kts) Pax-on-board: My girlfriend Rote: LKKB ✈ LKPM ✈ LKPN ✈ LKKB Still February in Central Europe but clear blue sky somehow became standard already. I checked the metar. Some 7KT wind, beautiful 9999 with BKN at 043, reasonable February temperatures of 08/M02 with NOSIG. And […]

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Birthday Flight With L-200 Morava

Position: LKSZ infront of hangar Equipment: L-200 Morava Pax-on-Board: 0 Before start up … Today is my birthday. At last my mum told me. She also said it was cold winter morning 25 years ago and they drove to the hospital with Trabant (East German fun car). I think about how old I am for […]

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