Birthday Flight With L-200 Morava

Position: LKSZ infront of hangar
Equipment: L-200 Morava
Pax-on-Board: 0

Before start up …

Today is my birthday. At last my mum told me. She also said it was cold winter morning 25 years ago and they drove to the hospital with Trabant (East German fun car).

I think about how old I am for a while when hitting all the toggle switches on the main panel. Why time goes by so fast anyway?

We’ve got 1430 Zulu, wind 090 degrees 08 knots, beautiful 9999 with some FEW at 030. Temperature 08, dewpoint 01. QNH 1004 and NOSIG

“Magnetos ON!”

“Clear prop!”

The immediate start-up impressed me, though. According to log book, the “old lady” haven’t flown for a month and half or so and she cached on the first turn. Good old supercharged M337.

We took off from RWY 15 R into the cold evening sun. It looks chilly and it really is indeed. Even with the warm rays of the low winter sun illuminating the winter grass.

It is a beautiful evening aloft before the cold front apparently and we are going to enjoy it by almost two hours winter trip. What else to on birthday then?


Compass heading 034 degrees
Position: One hundred miles northeast of LKSZ
Groundspeed: 120 knots
Rate-of-climb: 800 fpm

Just climbing above the mountains. From the 6,500 feet we will be able to see not only Poland on one sight and Czech Republic on the other but maybe even part of the Germany as well.

Thinking about my girlfriend for a moment. Six years younger than me. She may be now checking her facebook while waiting for the prawns to be done for dinner. I’m really looking forward to this evening though.

Reality check … Engine temperatures are all right and the wing tanks and still remain mostly full.

Why is she with me anyway? The twenty five years old chap, no-name, flat broke pilot looking for a job for airlines. Who likes reading the books and rock’n’roll music. I should buy her some roses and chocolate on the way from the airport. Possibly.

Flight Level! I pull the thrust levers back to cruise power and lower the nose to accelerate. Flight continues …

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How little all the problems of the world look from here! Including my age.
It is one of those little brief moments in time that are so sweet, but hard to quantify.
Ever. But I mean … I really feel depressed about it. Where have I been last 5 years?

At 6,500 feet we are above the cloud layer an I’m about to bank/turn left 60 degrees to point towards the Śnieżka mountain.

The airport is now one hour behind us. And fair amount of flight is still ahead of us. I’m thinking … Screw the age. There is nothing to change about it. And this year I’m gonna get the job for sure. And now? I’m flying the aircraft and nothing else matters. Flying always helps me to get trough anything.


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  1. pikiki February 17, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    you will always surprise me…. great Libor . Long life to you

    • Air Smolik February 17, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

      Cheers Pikiki! Thank you! Have a nice trip in the Latin America 🙂

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