With Aero at Airshow Praha Kbely

Sometimes to return safely back home despite the challenging weather is just lucky coincidence. And that’s exactly what happened to us on Saturday while participating at Airshow Praha Kbely. And despite that, we made one German man very happy.


Hello, my name is Ben

So one day, I’ve been contacted by Ben who was claiming to be an aviation enthusiast from Germany. He said he loves Aeros aircrafts and is researching for airworthy ones in Europe.

When we exchanged a few messages and he turned out to be a Lufthansa 747 first officer. We spoke about a  possibility of organizing a flight with OK-DAJ for him and I suggested that Airshow Praha Kbely would be a great opportunity.

I can say now that despite the weather it went all much more better than expected at the beginning. On the early Saturday morning we took-off towards to Tocna airport (LKTC) to meet our friends with Zlins and to compose our display with them.

When we got to the Kbely, we spend most of the time in VIP saloon. Things went smooth. My favourite bit in program was Steve Stead with Spitfire in formation with Mig 15 and T-28 Trojan, following by solo display of Spitfire.

Gute alte Zeit Deutsche Lufthansa Aeros

As we’ve been sitting with Ben in VIP, watching aeroplanes and drinking coffee we’ve been talking about Aero. As I said to him, after 8 years of flying with Aero-145 around airshows and events in the Europe, I found out, that the biggest interest in this aeroplane doesn’t come from Czechs but from Germans.

The reason may be that the design viewed mostly nose-on is a bit similar to the German Siebel type Si-204 which, among other German aircrafts like the Bf 109, were produced in Czechoslovakia under German occupation during WWII.

For the British person, Aero would be similar to Miles Gemini. The Miles M.65 Gemini.  Also twin-engined four-seat touring aircraft designed and built by Miles Aircraft at Woodley. And yet, in 1949 Jan Anderle won Norton Griffiths Race with Aero.

However, because of restrictions by communist regime in Czechoslovakia, the Aero has been exported mainly to the Eastern Block countries which we part of the Soviet Union. That’s why it’s, as well as L-200 Morava, completely unknown to the Western world.

In Germany, the Aeros has been used by Lufthansa during 1956 – 1962 for display on airshows, joyriding and individual charter flights. That’s what I’ve been able to find according to website Deutsche Lufthansa Aero.

Tschechoslowakischen Aeros restauriert in Deutschland
Ben was very helpful considering Aeros restored in Germany today. There are supposed to be four planes. Three out of four, actually flying.
The D-GABO. The aeroplane was through the advert on trade-a-plane in 2013-2014 and it’s status is unknown to me.
The D-GASA. Should be based in Stadtlohn and may be flying. (www.aero45.de)
The D-GADA. The Lufthansa airplane in Bielfeld. May be flying as well. (www.lufthansa-aero.de)
The D-GBHN. Mr. Thorsten. The only we know personally so far.
Does anybody know more about these Aeros mentioned in Germany? I’m glad for any help. I would love to arrange a meeting.


The storm is up, and all is on the hazard.

As we’ve been sitting in the VIP saloon and discussing the Aeros, I’ve been checking the TAF and radar imagery. Our dynamic display with Zlins was at 14:57 – 15:07. And the TAF has been saying.

TAF LKKB 131100Z 1312/1412 10008KT CAVOK TEMPO 1312/1322 14016G30KT 3000 TSRA SCT030CB PROB40 TEMPO 1410/1412 7000 SHRA SCT030TCU

The line of thunderstorms CR 13/06/2015

This is actually how the things looked like when we took-off for display. Yes, that tiny little gap out there is Prague – Kbely. Anyway, that caused to be our display just 5 minutes instead of 8. Than rocked the wings and straight home to our base

Strange things happens sometimes and we had a display (as a last aircrafts that day) and we made it home!

For more about our formation and history of our planes, check-out The Czechoslovak Historic Flight Association.



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